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Folk - Artisan Crafted Buffalo Leather Bags

To bring Folk to life we partnered with an established leatherworks company that crafts their bags by hand using traditional techniques and quality materials. They are talented artisans who take immense pride in their work, and it shows.


Folk bags are crafted from full grain Buffalo leather because of it’s durability and unique grain pattern. The leather is not sanded or dyed during the tanning process and has a natural weathered patina. Full grain leather is the most desirable grade out there because of it’s vertical grain pattern and higher density. This is the same type of leather that horse saddles and leather work boots are made of. To stitch our bags together we use UV resistant high tensile polyester thread, and solid brass for the buckles and rivets.


Folk bags feature 5 custom compartments to store all your tools of the trade. There’s a home for your 15 in laptop, tablet, notebook, phone, business cards, along with a large area for whatever else you might need to conquer the day.